Update! October 2020

Hey everybody! Just wanted to reach out and give an update to operations here at Routine Lines. We’ve been busy updating some of our products and in building some new training for writing better Standard Operating Procedure documentation. Below are a few major products we are working on!

Structuring Education

First off, we’re looking to create a series that breaks down each major section inside an SOP and why it is necessary to provide that information. After developing a few of our most recent blog posts, we’ve decided it would be a better structure to provide these talking points more clearly. We are aiming to highlight some of the things to keep in mind during the writing process, and how to break down every step of creating SOPs.

Any requests for future tutorials- please drop a line in the comments below, or just write to us directly on the Contact Us page.

CDC Updates

The CDC has been going back and forth with some of the COVID-19 information. While there is some uncertainty to some of the motivations of coronavirus recommendations, we’ve made sure to always take the most conservative approach in writing the SOPs and cross-referenced this with the NHS in the UK, and WHO. We’re updating the information in our main COVID-19 SOP package presently with the most recent CDC findings. This will be released on or before October 15th. As always- all people who have previous purchased this COVID-19 SOP package will receive updated revisions automatically.

In continuing with our coronavirus response, we’re going to be building up more blog articles to assist with creating better SOPs. There are some great examples of company COVID-19 manuals already out in the world and readily available. We’re looking to showcase some of these for inspiration, and to assist you in designing your own protocols.

Working from home

Finally, we’re continuing a set of SOPs that might assist companies looking to set up a structure for working from home with employees. We’ve heard there’s a need to have some light training on etiquette in the remote workplace, particularly as this is not going away anytime soon. While this might begin largely as private projects for now, we’re hoping to translate this work to some more universal documentation that everyone could utilize in their own business.

With that, I think that is about it! As always, if you are looking for someone to build any custom documentation, please Contact Us. We appreciate your time and support on this journey to better documentation!


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