SOP Without Mercy

Hello! We’re a team committed to assisting companies in improving internal communications, through SOP documentation. Communication has been quite a large pain point at every company we’ve ever worked alongside (coming largely from STEM careers within Detroit, MI and Los Angeles, CA), so we decided to do something about it. 

Everything here began in the spring of 2020, over the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw a number of workplaces struggle with trying to stay afloat within a drastically evolving environment. Between shortages within supply chains, enforced quarantine, and adapting to new purchasing habits- everything was flipped upside down. From our world of SOPs, we’ve known from experience that structure in situations like this make all the difference. To prepare and be ready to act, frees up critical time and resources to focus on other pressing matters. 

We realize that if we could provide businesses the best communication through dedicated SOPs, and do it quickly- we might be able to keep people employed, and help businesses work through these tougher times.

Please check out all the SOP training and documentation already available. We’ll be adding more features as this website builds out, and we develop the many products we have planned. If you had any additional comments/requests- please get in touch through our Contact Page, or email us at support@routinelines.com!

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